Website User Research

The success of any website is dependent on its ability to meet the needs of its users while at the same time meeting the objectives of the organization.  Typically, the process of developing or maintaining a website is highly fragmented. Market research is conducted by one group to identify the needs of customers and prospects. Usability testing is conducted by a separate entity to assess behaviors. The website development team is responsible for the architecture and content of the site. In most cases there is little if any interaction between these groups resulting in a website that’s developed without a complete understanding of user or organizational needs. 

In contrast, we use a collaborative approach which combines market research methodologies with usability-based research to deliver a powerful understanding of both user attitudes (i.e. market research) and observation-based user behavior methods (i.e. usability research). Our recommendations are then carefully developed to balance research findings on user needs against the objectives of the organization. Finally, we work hand in hand with the website development team to help apply the research findings to the architecture, design and content of the site.  Our 360 degree approach results in a best-in-class website that satisfies business objectives and responds to needs of users.