qual-quant research

Researchers around the world are embracing a concept that we’ve endorsed for years, the collaboration of qualitative and quantitative research, or Qual-Quant. While many other consultants dedicate their practice to either qualitative or quantitative, we’ve always believed that having the expertise in multiple methodologies would allow us to assess client’s research requirements based on the specific project objective vs. giving our clients a solution based on what we can provide.

Qual-Quant combinations can work in any number of ways, from marrying survey and focus group research, survey and usability studies, or traditional focus groups with research conducted through social media. In perhaps the ultimate demonstration of qual-quant, we can incorporate chat-based one-on-one interviews with surveys, so that survey participants can be probed during the survey on the responses they’ve given.

While we’re always in a learning mode, we know it’s impossible to be an expert in every form of research. That’s why we’ve formed partnerships with other research providers who we collaborate with to bring our clients the latest research techniques from the best and the brightest in this field.