Survey Research

Survey research is a critical component of many research projects. However, without a clear understanding of the objectives, a well written questionnaire, well thought out recruiting strategy and expert analysis, research dollars can be wasted or worse yet, your survey can leave respondents with a bad impression of your company.

We work with you upfront to define what approach is best for your audience and objectives. We make sure that the focus is on the end result, the analysis, and then work backwards to develop the design and execute the survey.

We also believe that you don’t have to break the bank to put out a good survey. With today’s online technologies, it’s easier than ever to design and execute cost effective surveys in support of your marketing efforts or to serve as a component of a multi faceted research effort. We frequently design surveys in order to streamline recruiting for a subsequent qualitative study by identifying respondents that are qualified and interested to participate in, for example, a focus group or bulletin board.

Over the years, we’ve honed our survey process using the latest tools and techniques including the addition of online intercept interviews to collect in-depth insights from survey participants during the survey process, and the use of social media for both data collection and survey recruitment. We also encourage linking survey data with other sources of organizational data when possible to fully take advantage of this invaluable information throughout the organization.